Wild Hearts are women’s wellness focused short and long form gatherings based in Bozeman, Montana that utilize movement, meditation and wild writing for personal and community connection. We’re an inclusive space open to all women and all abilities.

You don't need to be a runner…Or a yogi…Or a writer…

You can be one, or none…Or all three!

This is about community. It's about creative expression.

Connection through movement, stillness and pen hitting paper.

The longer who we are story…

Wild Hearts was born out of friendship. A friendship that began over a shared love of running. Tori met Jess when she was in need of a physical therapist who connected to her runner’s heart and understood the struggles of chronic injury. They clicked pretty much right away and soon began running together outside the clinic walls. Very early on there was this seed of we should host a women’s event. Ideas were thrown around, there was a dinner to plan, but then it never quite came together. Last year, Tori attended a women’s running and writing retreat in Maine and was exposed to the pairing of running alongside writing. When she returned home she told Jess, I’m going to put an open call on social media for any women who want to run and then write with me in my living room. There was likely more involved, but Tori remembers Jess’s response being, ‘Have you met Terra?’ Jess had been admiring Terra’s yoga practice from Instagram and had finally found the courage to write to her about a collaboration at her physical therapy practice. Jess had the intuition that together we could create something meaningful. She was right.

This is how Wild Hearts was formed. The first event was planned via email and all were a bit nervous about how it would come together, tickets only being bought just a few days before. But it was a success. We flowed so well together. We found our roles. And the response from those women who took a chance on us, filled us to the brim. We realized there was a need for gatherings like this. As one attendee put it as she walked out the door, ‘It was such a welcome change to come to something that I didn’t feel the pressure to get or accomplish anything.’

This has become our guiding philosophy: we create the space for you to be able to genuinely tap into your own needs and wants when we come together. This will be different for us all. How great is that?



Tori Pintar

Tori is a runner, writer, traveler, photographer, cook and sourdough baker. She is equal parts happy climbing a steep mountain or at a table filled with friends and food. She photographs people, primarily in love but has recently started the Womxn’s Story Project, born out of her own struggles with finding condition-less self love as a womxn. After almost ten years as a wedding photographer, Tori is in a stage of transition and is equal parts terrified and excited for what she’ll do next.

Terra Kopf

Terra is a yoga teacher, personal trainer, and Somatic Experiencing professional in-training who inspires students by creating a peaceful and safe space for personal growth and expression through movement. She is the owner of Terra Grace Yoga and offers group classes, workshops, personal 1:1 yoga sessions and writes about all things yoga on her blog. She will lead you through a transformative practice that leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for your next chapter.

Jessica Snyder

Jess has always loved the outdoors. She grew up in LA but found her way to Montana. She is a runner by necessity ;) an animal lover <3 a physical therapist by practice. She is the owner of Physical Therapy Elite, an orthopedic clinic founded on the principles of focused time between the patient and their doctor, a holistic approach to caring for our physical bodies, and the integration of multiple disciplines to address pain and dysfunction. Jess’ specialty is manual therapy and Foundation Training.


At every event thus far, Tori has created something in her kitchen for us to share. As we turn to fall she wanted to share a simple one bowl recipe for Lemon Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread that celebrates the merging of summer into autumn.


It can be intimidating to try something new!

If you are new to trail running, this blog is a quick guide on what to have with you, what to think about when you are out there, and what you can do to prepare your body.


Coming soon!


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Choose a prompt. Set a timer for ten minutes. Write continuously with pen and paper until the timer goes off. Your hand should hurt. If you get stuck write the prompt again and again. Write your grocery list. Write whatever comes to mind. There is no wrong way. Don’t correct or pause to elaborate. Let your heart get out what it needs to say.

1. Something I thought about a lot as a child was…

2. One thing I’ve always wished for is…

3. If I received $10,000 that I HAD to spend on myself, I would…

4. The thing I haven’t told you…

5. I feel most whole and alive when…