You don't need to be a runner…Or a yogi…Or a writer…

You can be one, or none…Or all three!

This is about community. It's about creative expression.

Creative expression through movement, stillness and pen hitting paper.

There will be laughter, there will be something yummy to eat, and there will be connection - the kind that only a room full of women creates.


Tori Pintar

Tori is a runner, writer, traveler, photographer, cook and baker…

Terra Grace

Terra is yoga teacher, entrepreneur and professional beach bum who inspires people by creating a peaceful and safe space for students personal growth and expression. She writes about all things yoga on her blog, and offers group classes, workshops and personal 1:1 yoga sessions for her clients. She will lead you through a transformative practice that leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for your next chapter.

Jessica Snyder

Jess has always loved the outdoors. She grew up in LA but found her way to Montana. She is a runner by necessity ;) an animal lover <3 a physical therapist by practice. She is the owner of Physical Therapy Elite, an orthopedic clinic founded on the principles of focused time between the patient and their doctor, a wholistic approach to caring for our physical bodies, and the integration of multiple disciplines to address pain and dysfunction. Jess’ specialty is manual therapy and Foundation Training.


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It can be intimidating to try something new!

If you are new to trail running, this blog is a quick guide on what to have with you, what to think about when you are out there, and what you can do to prepare your body.


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